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Small Business Packages

These services are designed to get your business presence online as fast as possible.

Choose from a variety of budget packages where we will help you with all those things that are making your brain hurt! Get your domain name registered; website hosting setup; web pages built; social media branded; logo refreshed; contact forms built and basic ecommerce implemented. Then go do what you do best!

Small Business Mentoring

Ever have just one of those days where you want someone to help on something small, but vital, to your business?

For example; will the content of your marketing piece get the right result – could you reword it – did you include a call to action – did you get the message right, who should you target.

Maybe it’s a bit bigger – the classic I want to get from a-b and need help on scoping the road map, or that you are getting in leads, but not able to convert them – what’s going wrong?  Most often it is something simple but the trouble is you either need to engage a consultant on a day rate, or an agency on a retainer, or pay a coach or a mentor to guide you into a bigger picture.

When it is only a small, yet vital, question – where do you go?

So how about tapping into a renowned business expert, marketing consultant, and Master Mentor on an adhoc basis. Like an ‘agony aunt’ for business.

Liz Harwood (Acreddited Master Mentor, IIC&M) is renowned for her ability to quickly ascertain areas that require modification and make viable suggestions as to solutions that could be applied.

Need something more specific?

That's OK - we can do specific!

Whether it's a brochure, prospectus, a flyer or a website banner ad. Perhaps you need a rollup banner done and don't know where to start. That's OK - drop me a line and see what I can do for you!

I can source print, create artwork, build websites and I make a great cup of coffee... What's stopping you? Get in touch today!

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